Comprehensive Treatment


Package for the year: 2022 2023

  • Confirmed from 6 nights stay
  • Stay in single/double room with bathroom, telephone, TVset, refrigerator
  • half board, special dietary regimen on request. Snack at 16:00 o´clock
  • basic medical examination
  • control medical examination
  • laboratory tests: 8 nights and more included in the price of the program
    • 7 nights = special price 8 € surcharge (included in price of suites, Lux A and Lux rooms)
    • less than 7 nights = standard price as per the price list
  • 16 spa procedures by the medical recommendation weekly except Sunday
  • drinking cure
  • medical report
  • free of charge: swimming pool centre
    • daily 14:00-21:30
  • bathrobe lending during the stay free of charge
  • Wi-Fi free of charge

Applications included in price

Pearl Bath, Carbonated Bath, Hydroxeur, Hydro-Jet, Alternated Foot Bath, Underwater Massage, Classical Partial Massage, Reflexive Massage, Mud Pack, Paraffin Pack, Electrotherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Laser, Lymphatic Drainage (Lymfoven), Dry Carbonated Bath, Pneumopuncture, Inhalation, Therapeutic Gymnastic in the Group, Water Gymnastic, Individual Therapeutic Gymnastic

Applications for a surcharge

Classical Full-Body Massage, Aromatherapeutic Partial Massage, Foot Reflexive Massage, Aromatherapeutic Full-Body Massage, Hot Stones Therapy, Anticelulitis Slimming Massage, Face Lymphatic Drainage, Herbal Bath, Acupuncture, Oxygen Therapy (Prof. Ardene), Peat Bath

Swimming pool centre free of charge

Swimming pool, Whirlpool, Kneipp´s Walkway, Steam Sauna (unisex), Pool with mineral spring water

Wellness centre free of charge

Herbal Sauna (unisex), Salt Tepidarium (unisex), Infra-Sauna, Finish Sauna (separate for ladies / gentlemen), The Experience Shower, Icy Well, Massages – price based on type of massage

Room type Package price per person in EUR
Price -5 » +5 *
Suite with terrace ** 170,00 € 171,00 €—185,00 €

2 connected rooms with private terrace – double Lux and double with terrace, each with own bathroom (1 bath + shower) + bidet; equipped with a sofa

Suite Superior ** 150,00 € 151,00 €—165,00 €

bedroom + sitting room (door separation), 1 armchair + sofa, dining table with chairs, room area about 20m² (bedroom) + about 25m² (sitting room) + entrance hall 4m² + bathroom 4-7m²; bathroom including a bidet (*)

Suite Junior ** 145,00 € 146,00 €—160,00 €

with balcony, bedroom + small sitting room (door separation), sofa + armchair, room area about 16.30m² (bedroom) + about 14m² (sitting room) + entrance hall 3m² + bathroom 4m²; bathroom with shower + bidet

Suite ** 140,00 € 141,00 €—155,00 €

bedroom + sitting room (door separation), equipped with a sitting suite (1 armchair + sofa) and dining table with chairs, room area about 14m² (bedroom) + about 20m² (sitting room) + entrance hall 5m² + bathroom 4-7m²; bathroom including a bidet (* without shower enclosure)

Single room 130,00 € 131,00 €—145,00 €

„French“ bed (140cm wide), standard equipment, table, chair, half-chair, room area ca 15m² (+ entrance hall 3m² + bathroom 4m² = 22m²)

Double room Lux A ** 145,00 € 146,00 €—150,00 €

Rooms with a common terrace or balcony partially with a front view to the park, partially with a back view to the forest, equipment: sitting suite (2 armchairs or sofa), room area from about 30m2 (+ entrance hall 3m2 + bathroom 4m2 = 37m2); bathroom including a bidet

Double room Lux 120,00 € 121,00 €—135,00 €

rooms partially a common terrace or with balcony, view to the park, partially with a back view to the forest, equipped with table, chair, armchairs or with sofa, room area from about 23m2 (+ entrance hall 3m2 + bathroom 4m2 = 30m2); bathroom including a bidet partially

Double room Balcony Plus 99,00 € 100,00 €—114,00 €

rooms with balcony, table, chair, comfortable upholstered seating arrangement, room area about 15-18m2 (+ entrance hall 3m2 + bathroom 4m2 = 22-25m2)

Double room with balcony 90,00 € 98,00 €—112,00 €

rooms with balcony, standard equipment, table, chair, 2 half-chairs, room area about 15-18m2 (+ entrance hall 3m2 + bathroom 4m2 = 22-25m2)

Double room Standard 86,00 € 81,00 €—91,00 €

standard equipment, table, chair, 2 half-chairs, room area about 15-16m² (+ entrance hall 3m² + bathroom 4m² = 22-23m²)

Double room category II. 82,00 € 77,00 €—87,00 €

as the „Standard“ category, they differ in the quality of view (e.g. view to the hillside or to the opposite wall, window bars etc.), they are darker

Extra bed 65,00 € 66,00 €—70,00 €
Double room single use up to category Balcony Plus, all other categories + 50 % of the room price by category 142,00 € 143,00 €—147,00 €

* The price List (prices -1- -15, +1- +15 ) will be used based on actually occupancy of the hotel. We let you know about the price changes in time.

** Suites, Double rooms Lux A and Lux = Lunch and Dinner buffet-style plus glas of wine, or beer, or tea included in price. In addition to lunch or dinner one special side menu prepared by our executive chef is possible to order free of charge.

New Year´s Eve stay of 8 nights and more = Winter Season Price