Traditional Treatments in Karlovy Vary

Parkhotel Richmond specialises in traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatments:
  • Digestive tract diseases (gall bladder and ways, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, intestine disorders, post-surgery conditions)
  • Metabolic illness (diabetes mellitus, gout, obesity, hyperlipoproteineaemy)
  • Degenerative and functional disease of locomotor system

The unique composition of the Karlovy Vary mineral water primarily improves the quality of digestive process, and thus ensures the adequate conversion of energy nutrients received from food. It increases the absorption of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and has a positive effect on the basic processes of the metabolism.

Another significant part of the spa treatments is movement therapy. Our programmes include individual exercises, group exercises, physical therapy in the swimming pool and walks in the spa forests. An integral part of the comprehensive spa treatment of the digestive system is proper nutrition. Every patient is prescribed an individual diet, specific to their needs, by the examining doctor. At the beginning of a treatment cure, each patient must be examined by a doctor, who then recommends a specific treatment method on the basis of the overall bill of health of the patient.

Balneological procedures are prescribed to the patient on the basis of their symptoms: classic, reflexive, or underwater massages, effervescent or carbonic baths, paraffin or mud packs, electrotherapy, inhalations, oxygen therapy, pneumopuncture, and others.